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MystroX is a simple and intuitive Cloud-Based Human Resource Management System exclusively designed for managing the end-to-end Human Resource processes and Payroll Management of a company

MystroX is ideal for companies with less than 10 employees and it has the capacity to manage 10000+ employees at a time

Yes. It can house many terabytes of data. No matter how much your inputs grow, MystroX is capable to scale without changing the database.

Yes, Burgan National Information Systems provides training to your employees as part of implementation service. We train the end user/ employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives.

For any assistance or clarification on MystroX, kindly drop your queries to support@mystrox.com. Or you can use the help center at support.mystrox.com.

You can access HRMS at any web browser by using www.mystrox.com. And both the web and mobile versions can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Yes. The localization of MystroX is on a per-country basis and is localized for all countries in the GCC and Levant region.

Yes. MystroX is fully localized in English and Arabic.

Yes. MystroX Employee Self-Service (ESS) Mobile App gives your employees and HR admins immediate access to perform HR-related tasks and submit requests on-the-go.

Yes. Through the mobile application, employees can punch-in and punch-out depending on their defined work locations.