MystroX | Features

Advanced yet agile, the MystroX business suite integrating proven quality applications into a modular system that seamlessly merges your data and allows you to manage your business from a single push-button dashboard.

Endowed with the ability to serve even to most demanding business needs. While allowing smaller companies to install only selected modules and features.


The MystroX Application Suite

The following features and functions are mostly standard. Some functions are applicable to only certain modules (those in Orange). Those in (blue) are plug-n-play Mods available from third-parties.

Dashboard | Control Panel
Funding | Startup or Expansion
in-House Advertising Agency
Analytics + Reports
Internet | Publishing
Internet | Marketing
Social | Network Management
Social | Your Own Network
Sales Department
Customer Management
Product | Service Management
Manage | Planning and Projects
Manage | Employees
Manage | Financial Matters
Other Features


Flexible Expansion Options

Under its shiny surface, Mystrox capabilities can be expanded using any of more than 46,000 plugins and Mods, at affordable pricing from more than 500 vendors.

So pretty much anything you might need is available. If you require something new, we have an in-house team of 100+ programmers.

Likewise, there are thousands of third-party developers ready and able to create custom Mods and Plugins not already available.


*p = Partial / Not All Modules
*s = Soon 1-6 mo.
*t = Third-party Mod / Plugin Ready