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MystroX™ • Social Network Edition is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art system, designed to simplify and improve the overall experience, for members, vendors, sponsors, event attendees, and performers.


Easy Global Access

MystroX™ is cloud or web-based, so you’re not tied to a single computer. Simple 24/7 global access for Members, Attendees, Sponsors, Staff, and Vendors. Makes it easy to manage, and simple to use too.


Mobile Device Savvy

MystroX™ is mobile, so your not tied to a desk. You can use any web access device from smartphones and tablets to laptops and workstations.

Regardless your device, you can access all the important departments, details and functions of your “Social Network”;

  • Articles, Blogs & News
  • Attendee Information
  • Broadcast and Print Media
  • Event Maps
  • Feature Listings
  • Feedback
  • Marketplace Shopping
  • Messaging
  • Music & Sounds
  • On-site Marketing
  • Payments
  • Photos & Videos
  • Press Releases
  • Product Lists
  • RSS Event Feeds
  • Social Marketing
  • Ticketing
  • Vendors Management


Social Network Features
Unparalleled Functionality

  • Featuring more than 2000 incredible, tested and proven core social features built-in
  • It’s simply the most capable social network solution available today


Public Functions


Social Network Management

MystroX makes managing an array of social network functions simple with push-button control panels, graphs, charts, ajax drag and drop, and more.

Access Control Lists
Fine-tune site memberships by pre-setting access levels and leveraging the built-in integration with your site payment system.

Banner Ads
Monetize your site through built-in support of custom-HTML banner ads or use it to promote your own special offers, news and announcements.

Content Moderation
Set pre-moderation mode to check new profiles and content before it goes live, or go for post-moderation for quick activation and posting.

Content Privacy
System-wide privacy setting option for content posting, based on pre-defined groups or custom groups. Controlled by admin and members.

Caching For SPEED!
Cached DB queries, CSS/JS files, templates, page blocks, menus, and profiles. Powered by Memcached, APC, Xcache or file-based cache engine.

Along with vector graphics it uses CSS3 effects to create seamless, modern looking and adaptable user interface (i.e.; GUI) elements.

Database Backups
Save and download your precious site content and members data. Backup and restore tools will keep you safe in case of emergency.

Database Pruning
Keeping your site light and fast by routinely cleaning-up useless data, like old logs, messages, and unvisited profiles. You control what is to be cleared and when.

Design Templates
Use different designs and let members choose what they like. Create your custom templates or choose from countless third-party templates.

Reach your site members easily and effectively by email using the built-in Mass Mailer for Admin. Send announcements, site updates and promo offers.

Media Server
Comes with a custom Media Server software that handles audio/video streaming and processing. No need to rent expensive media server hosting!

Mobile Connector
Tightly integrated iOS and Android apps, that can be customized, rebranded and extended with additional modules.

Modular Design
Mix and match site modules to create unique functionality. Thousands of easy plugin functions.

Supports multiple languages and language selector.

Display loading timings for developers. Includes pages, page blocks, SQL queries and many more.

Display a special block with random quotes predefined by site admin.

RSS Feeds
Display your favorite RSS feeds via “RSS blocks” and syndicate your site content effectively via built-in automatic RSS feeds for various content types.

Powerful security layer with world-class protection tools, like HTML Purifier filtering, built-in prevention of CSRF attacks and optional PHPIDS protection.

Search-engine-optimized URLs and links, XML site-maps, automatic meta descriptions, SE-friendly site structure and Google Speed tuning.

Server Audit System
Automatic hosting server setup verification system that tests the hosting environment and proposes improvements for optimal site performance.

SPAM Protection
Combat automated spam by using world-class protection systems – Akismet, Captcha, DNS/URI-DNS blocklists and blocking of Countries and IPs.

Site Builders
Page Builder, Mobile Builder, Navigation Builder and Profile Fields Builder provide limitless opportunities when customizing your site.

SMTP Mailer
Use any external SMTP server or service to handle Dolphin site email notifications.

Stat Charts
Analyze and keep track of your site statistics via admin overview charts reporting membership base growth and content posting dynamics.

Tracking of content and profile updates through built-in subscription system, with a unified list and manageable email notifications.

Vector Graphics
Retina-displays support through use of vector-based interface elements, making your site look beautiful at all resolutions, on any devices.

XML SiteMaps
Tell Google and other search engines how to index your site. SiteMaps are calibrated for optimal site indexing and can be adjusted.


Event Features
Complete Event Management

  • Features and Performers
  • Vendor
    Details, Articles, and News
  • Sponsor
    Advertising, Contact, Feedback, Listing, Planning
  • Attendee
    Commenting, Contact, Feedback, Messaging, Planning, Rating, Sharing, Ticketing

Vendor Management System

  • Application Processing
  • Communications
  • Payments
  • Space Management


More Public Features
Beautiful. Powerful. Secure.

More features that enhance your member experience.

Advanced Browsing
Browse content with calendar, mini-calendar, tags with tag-cloud, categories, extended display modes and adjustable results count.

Multi-level, rich-text comments that work with site content and support video/audio uploads, recording, editing, replies, voting, and moderation.

Design Templates
Members choose what they like or upload custom templates (like MySpace).

Private Messages
Core communication tool for site members – Mailbox that works as an on-site messaging system, handling contacts, block lists, and connections.

One-click rating/voting system for various content modules and profiles, featuring unique vote verification, “stars” and votes counting.

A site-wide search system that works with all compatible modules and provides grouped search results with pre-filtering by modules.

Social Buttons
Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and G+ Social buttons, integrated with applicable content modules provide a simple and effective way to promote viral content.

Social Layer
Member Profiles, Friends Connections, Privacy Groups, Greetings, Status Messages, Favorites, Matching, Online Statuses, and more!

Social Sharing
Re-post content from to external social networks using built-in social sharing function that works with different content modules.

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