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Not As Popular: Facebook is losing ground with the younger generation, now an aging user base.

Poor Results: Advertisers have been less than thrilled with Facebook marketing results.

Legal: there are many lawsuits starting with investors.

Data Privacy: There are serious concerns that Facebook can truly protect personal data.

Fake News: it is doubtful that anyone can trust Facebook to deliver reliable, and truthful news.

Scandal: The Cambridge Analytica data scandal, involving the personal information of more than 80 million people is the last straw for millions.


Everything That’s Going Wrong

Federal probe, Advertisers bail, 4 state Attorneys General investigate, 37 AGs demand answers, Cook County sues, Lawsuit over political ads, Lawsuit over Messenger, Leaked memo, Investors go to court, Facebook stock plummets, Discrimination accusations, Advertising scrutiny, #DeleteFacebook, Former users hide, and The “R” word (click to read)


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