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  • Wither Social Networking? | My 2 Cents.

    SOME SOCIAL NETWORKS GET BIT, OTHERS BITE THE DUST… “Facebook is likely to lose $150 million in 2008.” The problem? ads are selling for $0.13 CPM. MySpace dropped their CPM from $3.25 to $2, yet article references earn CPM of $7 (for Mashable) to $70 (for the Tech …

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    Blockchain Is Impacting Social Media

    Content Creators Are Making a Move – new developments in blockchain technology have made it possible for content creators to decentralize their operations. For instance, DTube, a blockchain-platforms that mimic YouTube, allows users to monetize their content through direct contributions rather than ad revenue. on platforms like DTube, people …

  • The Social Network Market

    5 newspaper companies are planning to launch an online advertising platform. Comcast is planning their own online advertising platform. Verizon is planning their own online advertising platform. AT&T is planning their own online advertising platform       Sources The Resiliency of Online Advertising

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    It’s Not the Platforms that Need Regulation

    The platforms are coming to the realization that journalism and what I call “the independent web” really, really f’ing matter. Platforms must acknowledge they are media companies and publishers, with all the attendant responsibilities of those designations. Deliver “a news product that’s native to the platform and includes …

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    People Spend Half Their Time with Apps

    Apps are now 50% of all U.S. digital media time spent… visitors (000, July 2016) = FB: 149,657; FB Mess: 131,609; YouTube: 115,351; Google Maps: 100,347; Google Search: 90,260; Google Play: 88,625; Gmail: 80,461; Pandora Radio: 76,781; Instagram: 73,546; Amazon: 71,427, Apple Music: 68,002; Apple Maps: …

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    Social Network Valuation

    MySpace was acquired by News Corp for $580m in July 2005, Facebook sold 1.6% of its shares to Microsoft for $246m in October 2007, Bebo is being acquired by AOL for $850m, the announcement went out today. With thousands upon thousands of social networks what are …

  • Top Social Media Acquisitions 2014

    Top 10 social media acquisitions of 2014

    The leaders are Twitter with 10 acquisitions, Facebook with 7, Yahoo at 5, LinkedIn 3, Hootsuite 3, and Sprinklr, also with 3.

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    Research | Social Media Notes

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    How Much Money Your Social Networks Make Off of You

    If you’re like many Americans, you probably use several social networks regularly, checking in on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to see the links your friends have posted, the photos

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    Value per active user of selected social networks

    This statistic gives information on the value per user of the selected social network or messaging services as of February 2014, based on the company’s market cap or acquisition price. Based on Facebook’s February 2014 acquisition of mobile messenger WhatsApp, active chat app users were …

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